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Contemporary Durable Sinks

Brookmore Collection

The Brookmore Collection is the perfect blend of modern design and impeccable craftsmanship. The satin finish ensures a tasteful and clean aesthetic to match perfectly with any kitchen interior. Find the ideal solution for any kitchen from our wide range of models.

Sinks Made for Your Style

A Kindred sink is known for its exceptional quality, great value, and ease of installation. We have a sink for every room in your home, with models for your kitchen, bar and even laundry room. Whether you need a highly durable sink to withstand dirt and grime, deeper bowls for better functionality, or simply want quick and easy installation and effortless upkeep you can rest assured we have a Kindred sink to make your life easier.

Kitchen sink gudie

Find The Best Sink For Your Home

At Kindred, we understand that all the decisions that go into remodeling a kitchen can sometimes be overwhelming. So let us guide you through the decision-making process so that you can find the best kitchen sink for your home.

Wonderfully Effective Sink Materials

Sustainable Stainless & Durable Granite

Stainless kitchen sink and Tap water in the kitchen. The interior of the kitchen room of the apartment. Built-In Appliances. Kitchen Appliance. Domestic Appliances
Our sinks are built to last so you can feel confident that they will withstand anything life throws at them. There’s more to choosing a sink than just its practical application and design. Kindred sinks are crafted using durable and long-lasting materials with various gauges of stainless steel or an attractive array of granite colors.
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Kindred Makes Kitchen Prep Easy


They were made for each other. Protect your sink while adding functionality with Kindred’s custom-fit accessories. Our accessories will improve organization and flow within your kitchen, allowing you to move seamlessly around while chopping, prepping, or washing.

large pot resting on a kindred sink roller mat