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Kindred Sink Installation

Kindred sinks are available in two sink installation styles - undermount and drop in / topmount. Learn more about these sink mounting styles below and find the configuration that best suits your renovation needs.

Undermount Installation

Fitted underneath the countertop, an undermount sink gives an edgeless finish that is easy to clean and introduces a sleek style to your kitchen, bar, or laundry room. Undermount sinks are commonly installed in solid surface materials such as granite, quartz, or marble so the exposed edge of the counter can be polished and sealed.

Topmount / Drop in Installation

A drop in sink, also called self-rimming or topmount sink, is the most common type of sink. This classic installation method involves dropping your sink into a pre-cut opening in your worktop and is compatible with most countertop materials. Drop in sinks have a visible rim around the edge that fits over the prepared opening. This exposed rim supports the sink while pre-installed clips secure the sink under the countertop. This method is the easiest to install, making a drop in sink a popular choice for DIY home renovations.


Quick and hassle-free installation means you can enjoy your new sink even sooner. Our patented EZ Torque system is an innovative fastener that secures the rim of your topmount sink tight to your countertop. With an easy drop-and-drill process, you can install your topmount sink in a few simple steps.


  • Review the instruction booklet and familiarize yourself with the installation procedure for your specif sink before beginning.

  • The template included (or .dxf file downloaded from the website) is only a guide. The actual sink and accessories should always be present to ensure a perfect cut.  Kindred is not responsible for an improperly cut countertop or improper installation. 

  • Check clearances above and below the counter. Make sure there are no obstructions such as cupboard partitions, braces or pipes to interfere with the installation.

  • Metal surfaces are sharp and can cause severe cuts. Use gloves and handle sink and tools with care.

Installation guides


Find detailed instructions for installing your Kindred sinkware product in our downloadable guides.

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