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Why Kindred

The Kindred Crown


It’s the mark of excellence in sinks and the ultimate emblem of ease in the kitchen.  Since our founding, over a century ago in North America, we've made sinks you can count on - day after day, year after year, generation after generation.  Those who know Kindred trust Kindred. That's because our products work the way they should and last as long as you need.

Kindred Emblem


Stainless kitchen sink and Tap water in the kitchen. The interior of the kitchen room of the apartment. Built-In Appliances. Kitchen Appliance. Domestic Appliances
Whether you’re outfitting a farmhouse retreat or completing a contemporary kitchen, our thoughtful designs and durable engineering ensure our products are made to work. We put the Crowning touch on sinks that are made for real life. Kindred offers versatile, reliable products built for hard work and made to last with a wide range of styles and sizes. From stainless steel to natural granite, undermount models to classic drop-ins, there’s a Kindred sink to suit any home. Choose from our wide range of bowl configurations to integrate into any space in the house – kitchen, laundry, mudroom, bar, or anywhere else you require a quality sink.


The kitchen is the heart of the home—and we believe the sink is the heart of the kitchen. Kindred has spent decades fine-tuning our tried-and-true sink designs to ensure you’ll fall in love with their beauty and reliability. Our sinks will continue to shine and stand up to hard work, thanks to our durable and easy-to-clean finishes, quality materials such as premium stainless steel and hardwearing granite, sound-absorbing systems, and drain systems. Backed by industry-leading warranties, it’s no secret that Kindred sinks are for everyday use and made to last.


Easier installation lets you enjoy your kitchen sooner. Eliminate complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming traditional sink installation with Kindred’s EZ Torque™ hassle-free system, available on select Kindred sink models. Our Revolutionary installation system allows you to drop and drill your sink into place, securely locking the sink to the countertop.