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Kitchen Sinks

Functional kitchens start with Kindred sinks. We have spent decades engineering our sinks for the hardest-working room in the home. We offer a variety of styles and materials to handle all daily kitchen tasks. So whether your project is traditional or contemporary, a remodel or a new build – we make it easy to find the best kitchen sink for your needs.

modern kitchen with a kindred workcenter stainless steel kitchen sink


Choosing the best kitchen sink for your home involves more than size and shape. The kitchen sink is one of the most used items in your home, and the material that it is made out of is important to the overall durability and reliability of the sink. We offer a variety of stainless steel gauges and granite finishes to handle all daily kitchen tasks.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks


As a pioneer of stainless steel sinks, we have spent decades perfecting this versatile powerhouse of the kitchen. Available in 22-18 gauge options in various sizes, there is a Kindred stainless steel kitchen sink to meet your needs.

Large single bowl stainless steel Kindred undermount sink in a modern kitchen

Granite Kitchen Sinks


Available in 6 natural tones, a granite kitchen sink can coordinate to match any contemporary or organic modern inspired style. A Kindred granite kitchen sink, made of quartz and acrylic resin, is easy to clean, hygienic, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant surfaces that can withstand everyday use.

Kindred matte black double bowl granite drop in Kitchen sink


Selecting the best kitchen sink for your lifestyle involves more than size and shape. Kindred kitchen sinks are available in two sink installation styles - drop in / topmount and undermount. Explore these mounting styles and find the best sink for your needs. 

Drop In Kitchen Sinks


One of the easiest to install types of kitchen sinks, a drop in sink is ideal for DIY and replacement projects. A drop in sink can be installed into most countertop materials and is an excellent choice for your next kitchen remodel.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks


An excellent choice for kitchens with granite, quartz, or marble countertops, an undermount kitchen sink will bring a sleek look to any modern, contemporary or transitional home.

undermount double bowl stainless Kindred kitchen sink


Kindred kitchen sinks are available in single and double bowl sink configurations.  Discover the benefits of each style and find the best kitchen sink for the way you work.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks


Consider a single bowl kitchen sink if you are looking for a large, deep sink with the capacity to handle large pots, pans, and trays.

Kindred single bowl stainless steel drop in kitchen sink

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks


A double bowl kitchen sink allows you to stack dishes in one sink while prepping in the other. It also provides for the garbage disposal to always be accessible. Double bowl sink configurations include equal-sized basins or one small and one large basin.

Kindred drop in double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink in white kitchen island

Find The Best Sink For Your Home


Let us guide you through the decision making process, so you can find the best kitchen sink for your home.

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Kindred Makes Kitchen Prep Easy


They were made for each other. Protect your sink while adding functionality with Kindred’s custom-fit accessories. Our accessories will improve organization and flow within your kitchen, allowing you to move seamlessly around while chopping, prepping, or washing.