Kindred Kitchen Helpers


Busy kitchens can be messy. Plain and simple. The addition of a batch or continuous feed waste disposer to a busy home just makes sense. Produce peelings and food scraps go right down the drain, to be reduced and disposed of through the most convenient and logical spot in your home, at the kitchen sink.  Reduce steps to the trash, reduce curbside pick up, and spend less time cleaning up, more time enjoying your home.


Batch Feed or Continuous Feed?


A batch feed disposer operates with insertion of the stopper, and is ideal if you have smaller cleanups, whereas a continuous feed disposer is activated as the water runs, with use of an air switch, perfect for large loads.  Every Kindred disposer model, batch and continuous feed alike, includes Antimicrobial treatment in the chambers to inhibit odors, and balanced grinding components for quick, efficient reduction and quiet operation.


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