Large double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink with chrome faucet and soap dispenser

Stainless steel

Hard working, easy to clean, beautiful, and long lasting. Stainless steel has been the material of choice for commerical and residential kitchens for many years, and for good reason!  Enjoy the benefits of stainless steel in your kitchen.

Wonderfully effective

A stainless steel sink is the ultimate chameleon in the kitchen. Color neutral and a lovely complement to most any design aesthetic, it is also highly resistant to staining, corrosion, heat and heavy use.  Available in depths from 6" to 12", and gauges from 22 to 18, Kindred stainless steel sinks are easy to clean, easy to install, you will discover that we have models at most price points, and for most applications - pretty much everywhere you need a sink in your home!

Discover Kindred Stainless Steel Sinks


A unique composition

There’s stainless steel and then, there’s stainless steel. Kindred stainless steel has a particularly high nickel and chromium content which makes it equally resistant to heat as well as cold.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Kindred stainless steel consists of 70% recycled material and is up to 100% recyclable. For your sink, nothing but the best will do. So we source our high-quality stainless steel globally.


Quality you can see and hear

Working with the finest stainless steel and with unique manufacturing methods, allows us to create sinks that are thicker, and as a result quieter when you use them in your busy home. 


Finish notes

We offer a variety of finishes on Kindred sinks, from easy to care for brushed bowls and decks on value priced models, to bright mirror decks on mid-priced collections, to lively commerical satin and radiant silk finishes on hand fabricated and Kindred Collection sinks.  Bright and shiny, or soft and subtle - whichever you prefer, Kindred offerings include many options.


The ideal standard gauge

The standard gauge describes the thickness of a metal sheet, on a scale from 8 to 30. The lower the number, the thicker the metal sheet. The thicker it is, the less it can be bent or dented and the quieter it is in use. But if too thin, it becomes impossible to produce a sink from a single sheet of metal. So we take great care when choosing the right standard gauge for our sinks:

  • Hand fab sinks in 18 and 20 gauge
  • Deep-drawn topmount, undermount and dualmount sinks in 18, 20 and 22 gauge
  • Small accessory bowls are standard 18-22 gauge