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The Benefits of a Stainless Steel Sink

Decades ago, we pioneered the development of stainless steel sinks for the Canadian market. We have been perfecting our craft and our products for all of North America ever since. Hard working, easy to clean, and long lasting. Stainless steel has been the material of choice for commercial and residential kitchens for many years.



Kindred stainless steel sinks are made from premium quality chrome-nickel stainless steel, giving them stunning beauty while making them highly resistant to staining, rust, and corrosion and providing maximum durability. The stainless steel is composed of 17-18% chromium for shine and rust resistance and adds extra corrosion protection.




We offer a variety of finishes on Kindred sinks, including the easy-to-care-for brushed finish on our Reginox collection and the robust satin finish on Kindred Brookmore and Steel Queen sinks. Bright and shiny, or soft and subtle - whichever you prefer, Kindred sinks include many options that will stand up to heavy use while retaining their beauty for years.




The standard gauge describes the thickness of a metal sheet measured on a scale from 8 to 30.   The lower the number, the thicker the steel. The thicker a sheet of metal is, the less it can be bent or dented and the quieter it is in use. But if too thin, it becomes impossible to produce a sink from a single sheet of metal. So we take great care when choosing the right standard gauge for our sinks.


Kindred Sink Collections

  •   Brookmore Collection 18-gauge
  •   Steel Queen Collection 20-gauge
  •   Reginox Collection 22-20-gauge
  •   Creemore Collection 22-20-gauge





Kindred stainless steel sinks are certified to CSA and cUPC quality standards, and are backed with a limited warranty.  Kindred has been manufacturing sinks for over 70 years in North America. Those who know Kindred trust Kindred. That's because our products work the way they should and last as long as you need.



Low Maintenance

Stainless steel surfaces develop a passive protective layer that continuously renews, so your sink is hygienic, easy to clean and care for.

Corrosion Protection

The rich chromium content helps shield the material from corrosion ensuring your sink holds up.

Naturally Hygienic

Stainless steel inherently helps prevent bacteria growth keeping your kitchen cleaner.

Environmentally Friendly

A greener option, stainless steel can be recycled many times reducing waste.

Care & Maintenance For Kindred Sinks


A clean kitchen is a wonderful kitchen. That’s why we’ve specifically designed our products and systems for easy maintenance. 


Find The Best Sink For Your Home

Let us guide you through the decision making process, so you can find the best kitchen sink for your home.

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