Faucets & Fittings

A faucet is much more than a place to fill a water glass.  A faucet is a kitchen helper - for rinsing dishes before stacking in the dishwasher, for cleaning produce before snacks, for filling ice cube trays.  A well designed faucet is like a helper in the kitchen, ready within reach, with an adjustable flow of water depending on the task at hand.  And not only does a faucet help out, it also stands out as the jewellry on your sink, reflecting your preference for finishe and profile.  Kindred faucets are all of this and more, with a variety of finishes and functions, to suit your lifestyle, all certified to CSA industry standards, and backed with solid product warranties.

Faucets & Fittings & Function


A great faucet should be easy to use with ergonomic handles, and smart features such as dual stream/spray flow, long, flexible supply hoses, quality ceramic disc valves, striking profiles, and beautiful finish options. Look to Kindred faucets for all of this and more!

In addition to the obvious placement of a faucet at your sink, adding a counter mount soap dispenser makes for convenient dispensing of dish detergent or lotions. And when the dispenser is matched to the finish of your faucet, well that's just even better!

Pull Down & Pull Out Faucets

KIndred faucets feature long supply lines to ensure that you can reach the furthest corners of the sink for cleanup - easy to love!

  • Available in Chrome, Satin Nickel, Stainless Steel and our complete range of Granite finishes.

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Soap & Lotion Dispensers


A pump activated liquid soap or lotion dispenser installed right at the sink is easy to use, and easy to love. With Teflon lined spouts to alleviate clogs, and generous capacity bottles that fill from above the counter, you can retire unsightly containers to the cupboard below.

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Designer | KF10A | Commercial Satin | Robinet
Designer KF10A   Designer

Designer KF10A

High Arc 
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Single handle side lever 
Designer | KF10B | Commercial Satin | Robinet
Designer KF10B   Designer

Designer KF10B

Semi-Pro Pull-Down 
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Side Lever 
Designer | KF10C | Commercial Satin | Robinet
Designer KF10C   Designer

Designer KF10C

Swivel Spout 
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Single handle side lever 
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